Amidst the stress of moving, writing an essay and just generally doing life there have been some GREAT Germany times. I am so blessed to live this life of adventure.

Life Lately Jan 1
1) Christmas is officially over when you see all the abandoned trees. It makes my heart sad.
2. Lots and lots of pretty, sparkly, freezing cold snow. Winter trees were made for bearing snow flakes.

Life Lately Jan 2
3) I've been inspired by two lovely ladies (one of them is Charity whose blog you really all should check out and follow!) to make my own chai and have a cheeky read before bed time. It was so cosy.
4) After going swimming at this really beautiful thermal baths type of swimming pool (for €2.50 might I add!) I listened to a New Yorker podcast and drank MORE CHAI. I really love the New Yorker.
Life LAtely Jan 3
6/7) I am currently writing my Year Abroad essay (3,500 words in German). Alas I have no desk, so my bed is my work space and THAT is my view. It gets pretty depressing sometimes, particularly when the sun isn't shining. 
Life Lately  Jan 4
8) I've been meaning to go to the Flea Market at Aachener Platz since I got here and on Saturday morning I finally made it. It was awesome.
9) Franziska bought a film camera. I take full responsibility for her current happy-snappy state. She tried to take a picture of my kitchen chairs the other day and NOT in an arty way.
Life Lately Jan 6
10) The super-chic super-lovely Kerry graced the Düsseldorf streets with her sunshiney hair and posh frock coat. We had such a lovely time together.
11) We did a lot of SNOW walking and SNOW picture taking. You know the ones I mean.
Life LAtely Jan 5
12) We also got ourselves to the opera for €9. It was a very odd production of Don Giovanni. I came to the conclusion that I'm just not a Mozart fan. BRING ME PUCCINI. 
13) Kerry found this AH-Mazing hot chocolate shop. This is our ROSE PETAL hot chocolate that came with REAL rose petals and ROSE chocolate truffles. NOM NOM.
Life Lately Jan 7

14) After my previous post I made sure to get myself to Woyton and the coffee didn't disappoint. I had lots of smiley,wavey JAJAJA conversations with ma barista pals too. It definitely brightened my mood.
15) My super-dooper Kate friend made me feel like a million dollars by giving me a quick hair-cut. It's amazing how lovely one feels when one's fringe is back in place and the split-ends have been removed. 


  1. Abandoned Christmas trees make me so sad. Your life looks beautiful, books, ferris wheels, flea markets... what more could a girl ask for?

  2. First of all, I LOVE the name Ellie. I've always wanted to name my future kid that. It's so cute. Also, I've always wanted to go to Germany So bad. Like Mandi said, your life really does look so beautiful.

    amanda @ we and serendipity