it's ok to still feel sad, to have found peace, but no answers, to have moved on, without completely getting over it.
It's ok to flick back through photos, to laugh at the eager, innocence of the faces that stare back at yours and then wonder what you'd have done differently if you had only known.
It's ok to find that your neatly folded emotions and coping mechanisms are in fact still a tangled mess of grief that you stuffed at the back of your soul for another time.
It's ok to have spent some time not thinking about it, to have almost forgotten what it was like to ache and then sit there one evening and remember it's heaviness.
It's ok to still feel helpless.
It's ok to wonder what things would have been like if it hadn't happened.
It's ok that there's still so much more to say.
It's ok that it still can't be said.
It's ok that you're still grieving.


  1. It's ok that you're still grieving.

  2. Sending you lots of love, sounds like there's a lot going on in your head.
    Nina from little nomad

  3. It's ok if there's always a part of your heart that grieves. It's ok if you still question why. It's ok to wish it were different. It's ok to remember the sadness. Because God can meet us again in that moment and remind us again to live life to the full and be thankful for the gift that is each day.
    Dear friend may God meet you powerfully in this time of grieving.
    With much love. Kathryn