Life Lately

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1. My favourite outfit: oversized jumper, jeggings and moccasins.
2. On the evening of my last exam I raided the reduced section of the supermarkets and came-up with this meal: quinoa, red onions, salad, veggies and houmous. It was SO satisfying.
3. A cheeky lunch at The Canteen with my girl Fiona. I love the decor in that place.
4. My housemates like to have many composed, well thought out group photos before they hit the tiles. This is what happens when they don't know a photo is being taken.
5. I love these crazy big chairs outside The National Theatre on The Southbank in London. I try and visit them every summer.
6. Reunion coffee with my bestie.
7. A walk through London and a catch-up with my lovely Gem.
8. My friend Jessie sent me a very large letter in a very large envelope. It was very funny.
9. A celebratory cocktail. I believe it was something like a mojito. A lot of lime.
10. Cocktails with ma' housemates.
11. This is what happens when you live with English Literature students.
12. A quiet coffee and kindle moment in Starbucks between Singing Telegram appointments. I'm really, really loving my Kindle at the moment.
13. I treated myself to the latest edition of Oh Comely - it's so pretty and now I know to make my own condiments. LOVE.


  1. i haven't gotten a handwritten letter in so long! i love the big letter! and a celebratory mojito sounds delicious!

  2. the photo of you on that giant chair is the cutest thing I've seen all day. so sweet! And all those cocktails looks yummy...:) xo!