Adam: Success

Once upon a time, not so long ago my friend Adam made a film. All the students in the land who were acquainted with Adam on Facebook were pelted with disconcerting videos by a character called Terry (who looked suspiciously like Adam) who was giving advice on how to survive the apocalypse through a series of short film clips. A few of us understood their significance to Adam's project but most were baffled and deeply concerned about their friend's psychological welfare. Nevertheless all was made clear and sensible at the premiere of this rather marvellous piece of work. There's something wonderfully Woody-Allen stroke mockumentury about his style, in that we are welcomed into the action and yet still made to feel like intruders. His characters are special, not in a shiny, sparkly, valuable sense, but in the 'stop eating the glue', kinda strange yet simultaneously endearing sense. The dialogue is loaded with awkward, British wit bringing out the best of Adam's own very enthusiastic sense of humour. I wish I could articulate the plot in a faithful and interesting way but alas I feel that a 15 minute production really should be watched without any preconceived opinions or knowledge. I guess I just don't want to spoil it for you! So my friends, grab a pot of tea, get comfy, click on this link and ENJOY.

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