Carpe Diem

I love full, long, productive days. It's one of the reasons why I get up so early in the morning - I want to see both the sunrise and the sunset and everything in between. If it was healthy and possible I just wouldn't sleep at all. I am also a worrier and an obsessive organiser. I love to know EXACTLY what is happening, partly because I don't want to waste time and partly because I love the security of knowing what will happen tomorrow. I like today, but I love tomorrow. This morning will do, but next week will be better. I sometimes wonder if living with so much expectation on what lies ahead is really as healthy as it sounds. Not just because it so often leads to disappointment, but because it stops me from making the most of today. I want to change my attitude to the seemingly 'ordinary' days.

Life is so fleeting and fragile, yet we continue to count the days, because it reassures us that we might still have some control over our lives. We look forward rather than straight down at our feet. Sometimes everything within us longs to lean forward into the future, tipping the scales of fate so that our noses are deep in the mud of a reality that has yet to come. But what about today? What about this moment right here, right now? An adventure doesn't start when you get on the plane in a couple of months time, it starts with a build-up of tiny little day-to-day moments that push you to believe that an adventure is possible. It's the seconds of nauseating wanderlust and minutes of restless dreaming that create the adventurer. I believe in tomorrow, but I will not rely on it. I have faith that I will wake-up in the morning, but I dare not wait until tomorrow to accomplish what could be done today. I cannot stand still out of fear, when there is a race to be run. If there is music that needs to be made, it needs to be made today, if there are words that need to be said, they need to be said today, if there are decisions that need to be made, they need to be made today. Carpe Diem is not just a cry for the younger generation, but a cry for humanity. Think of what we can accomplish in THIS moment, think of what we can do to define this hour, this second. Every day can be a day of purpose and meaning. Tomorrow is not as certain as we think.

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. James 4:14


  1. Even though the people in my life would probably never ever agree to this, I loveeee productive days. I almost don't know what to do in my free time when I have too much of it and just end up doing nothing for too long. I like having 8-5 days of business. It makes me feel better.

  2. When I first started reading your post, my thought was . . . I've got to slow this girl down and let her see that right now, today is the most important time in her life. We are not promised a tomorrow. If we are always living for the future we miss the specialness of today. As I read on, I saw that you've got it.
    Well, you sound like a very strong and adventurous young lady and it also sounds like you might me headed for a career in theater or music. That is wonderful. Always have a dream and look and plan for the future, but enjoy your life today. I'm old enough to be your grandmother and I know from experience how wonderful life is and what a marvelous blessing we have in each healthy day. I hope you don't mind having an old lady following your blogging journey . . . maybe I'll get some insight on today's youth. It may help me to be the best grandmother that I can be for my two granddaughters. Connie :)