A Jubilee Jamboree

Jubilee JamboreeJubilee Jamboree 1
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Jubilee Jamboree 7Jubilee 1
Jubilee Jamboree 8

1. Bunting by the cathedral.
2. A little rain has never dampened the enthusiasm of the British.
3/4. Shop-signs join in the fun.
5. A cheeky union-jack sweetie from the lovely Cath Kidston.
6. Dancing in my jubilee dress through the Clifton Street Party.
7. Housemates decide to step into the faces of Royalty.
8. Morris dancers on the Downs. Much hilarity.
9. Ellie re-living her childhood.
10. Charlie shows us it was warm enough to eat ice-cream.
11. Some awfully vintage buses.
12. Bristol's finest Hot-Air Baloons.
13. The Suspension Bridge joins in the the jubilee festivities.

Wasn't it fun to feel patriotic for once!?


  1. Love love love it! You all look happy and stunning. And the bridge is gorgeous!

  2. this all looks so pleasing! the bridge with the flags is so beautiful and majestic. may I ask where you acquired your jubilee dress? it's so perfect and your whole ensemble is very appropriate & cute!!