Singing Telegrams

Alrigght folks! Many of you will know that I have been lucky enough to bag myself a place in the National Youth Music Theatre Company for 2012. It's all very exciting and I get the wonderful opportunity to perform in Songs For a New World by Jason Robert Brown at the Bridewell Theatre, London in August. In order to do the course I need earn some monies (roughly £1,000) to pay for accommodation, training costs etc. so I will be offering singing telegrams to try and get me some dollar.

Unfortunately, I can only really offer them to Bristol and Bracknell residents as I will be rushing from telegram to telegram on my beloved bicycle, but maybe if someone invents bike wings I might be able to go further afield. 
BUT what is a singing telegram you say? 
Well, its basically a musical message delivered by me from you. Just email me the place, the time and the song and I will hop on my bike and deliver it in STYLE. It is first come first serve, so if I am unable to do your time I will email you back and try to arrange another one.

I'm really looking forward to making a massive fool out of myself so please be adventurous!!

Telegrams cost £5 each, which you can donate by pressing the button below. 

Bristol Dates: 11th-15th June
Bracknell Dates: 25th June-6th July
My Email:

YOU are all wonderful, wonderful people - please 

let me sing for you!


  1. There might be some generous Bradford folk willing to donate/share a song or two around Rocknations time if you're coming up for the conference this year!

  2. Oh my days if I lived in Bristol or Bracknell I would be ordering one, no question!! I'm in Birmingham though....perhaps another 'B' to add to your list, with Bradford? Make it a 'singing telegrams on tour' kinda thing....?!