Berlin: Before You Go

. Watch the following films: Goodbye Lenin, Das Leben der Anderen, Oh Boy.
.  Find all your black, grey and white clothes, then shove them in an edgy looking bag.
. Read one of the Berlin Novels by Christopher Isherwood.
. Type Berlin into Pinterest and Tumblr for photo inspiration.
. Take a digital camera device (phone or real camera) for snap-happy moments.
. Take a film camera (Proper or just disposable) for grainy romantic moments.
. Take good shoes that you can walk miles in.
. Bring a moleskine to jot down or sketch inspiration.
. Choose 5 things that you absolutely HAVE to do whilst you're there (mine were: Holocaust Memorial, Second Hand Shops, coffee shops, art gallery and a performance of some sort)
. Find a real life German to show you around.
. Go by train.


  1. this picture is beautiful. hope you fulfill these resolutions!

  2. Ah, I love Berlin. Top of my list is to always see the bears!