Neglected Tuesday

Tuesday gets a lot of bad-rep these days.
Make it a good'un.
Drink something cosy.
Talk with someone fun.
Read something beautiful.
Listen to this song
or this one
or just say 'to hell with it' 
and listen to whatever you want.

Tues sounds like choose. So I guess today is the day of choosing...

What are you going to choose today?
Please tell me lovely reader, I'd love to know.


  1. I am choosing to enjoy the snow. Relish each gift of today. Marvel at the concept of time flying by. To be prepared to be unprepared. To loudly affirm what everyone might have already guessed...that I in fact have no idea what I am doing, and cannot wait to see what comes of it. -Kate

  2. I am choosing to commit to my resolutions and persevere with my fitness plan! Great way to keep warm in this weather too! Hope you're having a great Tuesday :)