The Blind-Friend-Date

Everyone assumed that Luce and I knew each other. I'd talk about Berlin or Germany or German Theatre and everyone would ask me whether I knew her and everytime I'd say 'No, but I'd like to'. Then one afternoon before jetting off to die Hauptstadt I got asked once again whether I was going to visit Luce and something snapped. I wrote to Luce and suggested meeting up for coffee. Turns out she'd been experiencing the same thing as me and before I knew it we had a date in Kreuzberg. Three hours spent sipping cappuccinos in Luzia, splurging about German theatre, Bristol and love and new friendship was formed. I count her as one of the most exciting and genuine ladies I have ever met.  Sometimes it pays to be very uncool and make the first move. Is there anyone you know you'd get on well with if you just made the effort to meet up with them? I can't recommend meeting up with them enough! 

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me this year. I had met a girl who lives in my area through instagram and after a couple months of talking 'online' we finally met up. It turns out that we had more in common than we had originally thought. Now we are practically best friends.
    It's so much fun to finally get the courage and meet up with someone who you've met online or through a form of social networking! :)