COFFEE DIARY: Didn't You Do Well

I've walked past this little cafe so many times and have always made a mental note to pop in sometime to try it out. It's not really the sort of place you can sit and work in for hours, nor is it really the place for a deep and meaningful with a pal. The space is incredibly intimate and when I was there you could hear a pin drop. If you're looking for somewhere to get a bit of peace and quiet then this is your spot. The coffee is good too, although a bit pricey and with an interesting aftertaste. Lots of people were coming in to get a take-out, which is pretty ideal considering how close it is to the university and other businesses. The strawberries and cream filter coffee is pretty incredible and I want to pop back in to try another flat-white. The staff are also very knowledgeable and friendly, so the silence isn't too awkward! There's also this cute little vimeo to inspire you. 

Didn't You Do Well, 20 Park Row, Bristol

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  1. It sure does look yummy! I always like discovering new little spots in my area too.