Back in the Dorf

After an 8 hour coach ride, I found myself back in the Dorf. It felt good and strangely familiar. It was one of those moments where it feels like you never left, yet at the same time you become aware of how much has changed since you last trod the cobbled streets of the Altstadt. I've realised that the second half of my year abroad has been full of completely different challenges, namely trying to feel known despite moving city every couple of months. I am so grateful for the time I spent here in Düsseldorf, for the friends I made, for the wonderful job at the theatre, for Woyton and the friendly baristas (who just made me a smiley face coffee - yay!) and for the chance to make a German home for myself. Berlin is exciting, but it can often overwhelm you with choice and its indefatigable artistic energy. You want to see everything, capture everything, create something, try all the coffee shops, meet all the cool people and it gets exhausting. Düsseldorf is slower, calmer, less ragged around the edges and much, much easier to move around. 

As I write this , sitting in my favourite Woyton spot, bantering with my Barista boys the sun is shining and my heart is full. I am finally acknowledging what has come to pass, finally recognising my achievements over the past year and gladly accepting the fact that, in four weeks time,  this adventure will be over. I am proud of myself and breathe a sigh of relief. 

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