Berlin Disposables: Lone Wanderings

One thing this year has given me in abundance is the confidence to be alone and to do things alone. If I want to check out that cafe/restaurant/film/museum/park I don't have to wait until I can find someone to go with me, I can JUST go. It's been remarkably liberating. Here are some snaps.

1/'Kotty' after a chill date on Oranienstrasse.
2/ Early morning flatwhite date.
3/ Beautiful, fragrant blossoms.
4/ Trees on my walk home.
5/ Club Mate and a New Yorker at Ocelot bookstore.
6/ I spend most of my life at this intersection.
7/ Westhafen train station.
8/ Another Luzia date, except alone with my book and my thoughts.
9/ Summer evening chill time by the lake.

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