Peg City aka. My New Room

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One of the easiest and most productive ways of beating homesickness is to create a space that is familiar and completely your own. This week hasn't been easy, but I have slowly and lovingly added piece after piece to my new room. There are still a few extras that need to be bought in order to fulfil my interior design dream, such as posters and fairy lights, but other than that I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I particularly love my bedside table, having all my favourite film photographs pegged onto pieces of string and my little tea corner. The rug was a last minute, random addition from Louis who found it on a street corner (don't worry it was thoroughly inspected and cleaned before I laid it on the floor) but it really makes the room a little cosier. My lamps were the cheapest of the cheap from Ikea, but they're absolutely perfect! I prefer lots of little lights to one big light, I think it makes the room feel a lot warmer. It's certainly making the loneliness a little more enjoyable. 

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  1. Wie schön! I love IKEA for a bit of home decorating and that bedding is so cute. Sorry to hear you've been lonely, if you need someone to chat to or even work out some German things you can always give me a shout :)

    Nina from little nomad