Life-Lately Düsseldorf Edition

My life has been a little touristy and a little Germanic lately. Hence the following photos.

IMG_0389IMG_0440IMG_0456IMG_0385 IMG_0466IMG_0465 IMG_0479IMG_0480IMG_0487IMG_0502
1. Der Ratschlage or Cartwheeling man. The Symbol of Düsseldorf.
2. The Town hall
3. My new favourite cafe spot. I loved the colourful chairs.
4. A cute postcard that my colleague left me one morning. I really love my job.
5. Germany is getting ready for Oktoberfest and I really wish I could drink Beer. It's cheaper than water. No joke.
6. The Kunsthalle, which I will visit EVENTUALLY. I've promised myself a ticket.
7/8. Louis came to Düsseldorf and we explored the edgy streets and took lots of photos.
We also went to the theatre open day and picked up a lot of merchandise, hence the balloon.
9. I've spent at least 4 nights this week sat by the Rhine watching the sunset. It was quite spectacular.
10. Louis' last evening in DDorf. He got a beer for 60 cents, which we drank with peanuts by the Rhine.
11. We then went to a REALLY GERMAN restaurant and ordered wurst.


  1. why can't life just be one long year abroad?

  2. Düsseldorf looks like an exciting city, shame I've never made my way up there before. Looks like you're having a great time
    Nina from little nomad