i fell in love with a pair of shoes. This has never happened before, but I saw them peering at me from the shop window. I stood and thought 'they look interesting, let me try them on'. Louis encouraged the trying on (this NEVER happens). I tried them on and now I can't stop wanting them, which is bad because they're €90 - that is not an acceptable price to pay for shoes that aren't sensible! I've been desperately trying to find alternatives, but dearest mother of mine had it drummed into me from the beginning that a good, sensible shoe is always a well-heeled, leather shoe. Alas, the cheaper versions are not leather or well-heeled. SAD FACE. I'm hoping that something less quirky and more sensible takes over this current shoe-lust. For those of you who have shoe-lust on a regular basis, I'm so, so sorry for judging you before, you go through so much on a daily basis.


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