Der Ersten Tag (The First Day)

I have arrived! I can't quite believe that the year abroad is finally underway. Phew, exciting. Today I I wandered the streets of the city, trying to orientate my self and get accustomed to the alien, yetfamiliar chatter of the passers by. My aural senses were treated to a wonderful mix-tape created by my friend back home, which was the perfect soundtrack to a late summer morning spent on a plethora of transportation and drinking a variety of different coffees. The very last photo is of the theatre where I will be working as of tomorrow morning. It's such an exciting place and I'm really looking forward to working there. I have spent the afternoon looking up pay-as-you-go phone tariffs, drinking sparkling water and making a list of projects that will improve my language skills. All very useful and all very exciting. More on the latter tomorrow. Bis bald!

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