Travel Plans

As far as summers go this one has been about prepation. I have been preparing myself physically, spiritually and emotionally for a rather wonderful adventure. I have dug deep into the roots of my small town existence unearthing the dreams of my adolescent self and igniting that burning flame of wanderlust. I have prayed big prayers and trivial ones that have already been seen to fruition. I have inhaled the sweet nostalgia of all my favourite summer places in the city, in the countryside and by the sea-shore awakening my desire to experience new landscapes. I have met and connected with friends new and old, reminding myself that new beginnings can be exciting and rewarding. I have organised my living arrangements and bought work-clothes and furniture, I have packed my bags and said my goodbyes and locked my eyes on the path ahead.

This afternoon I will be flying to Düsseldorf (Germany) with a suitcase of clothes, my kindle and a couple of Grammar books to begin my five month internship with the Stadt-Theater. From there I will journey on to a yet unplanned six months in Italy (I know right? I am overwhelmed by my own spontaneity!) This blog will continue to be Ellie Speaks but with a heavy continental twist. Expect fun, emotion, photos, language tips, travel advice and lots and lots of adventures. I hope you'll enjoy journeying with me. 
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Photos and art by Louis Reid


  1. Viel Glück! I'm sure it'll be an amazing adventure and that you will grow to love Germany. I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  2. Sounds amazing! Good luck :)

    xo Jennifer