The Skirt-Dress

So it's been a while since I mentioned the whole 'No Clothes For a Year' project and I'll happily admit that 'No Clothes For a Year' has quickly turned into 'No Unnecessary Clothes For a Year' and 'No NEW Clothes For a Year'. In short, I have bought clothes, but they have all been second hand or underwear and thus entirely justified. It has made me a lot more thrifty and creative with the clothes that I do have FOR EXAMPLE, what with all this lovely sunshine I was desperately dreaming of a new floral skirt. For those who know me, you'll be well aware that I have at least 3 floral skirts, but I'm a girl and was therefore dreaming of an entirely different floral skirt from the ones that I already owned. But I resisted the urge to hunt charity shops and bid like crazy on ebay - a new floral skirt is an indulgence NOT a necessity.

The Dress-SkirtThe Dress-Skirt 4The Dress-Skirt 3
The Dress-Skirt 2
So I took inspiration from Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and I made a skirt out of one of my pinafore dresses by folding down the top. It was so perfect and I felt so smug. It was like having a new floral skirt for zero pennies...well it wasn't LIKE having a free skirt, it WAS a free skirt. So I encourage you ladies to try folding down your dresses - let me know how you find it! I have since tried it with other dresses and it hasn't worked so well (the neck hole of the dress gets a little tight round the thighs) so I think it's something that can only really be done with pinafore dresses...what do ya think? Also how lush is the Suspension Bridge on a Summer's evening?


  1. It looks great! And I love the length too <3

  2. It looks so good on you! :)
    You're so pretty :)

    Greetings from Germany^^