This might sound strange to some of you and to others not so much, but recently something has just clicked in to place. I realise that God is my true love. I want to hang out and talk to Him more than anything else in the whole entire world. I know this because nothing else I do, no musical, no degree, no relationship satisfies me more than knowing that He is with me.

This love surpasses romance, it surpasses family, it surpasses friendships, it is completley, irrevocably unconditional. He is there in the morning when I wake up, He's there as I struggle through the afternoon slump, He's with me when I procrastinate through the evening and He's there when I toss and turn through the night. In my loneliest moments He has been a constant companion, when I am knocked off my feet He pulls me up again, during the tragedies that life has hurled He has comforted me. He loves me at my ugliest thought and loves me at my best. He taught me to sing, He taught me to love, He taught me to see the world through his eyes and realise that He loves everyone else too.

I love that he is so MAGNANIMOUS and yet so INTIMATE. I love looking at creation and at people and their talents and marvelling at his creativity. I love his sense of humour - God makes me laugh more than anyone. What I love most is that God isn't tame, he is not confined to a church building or the weird guy with the microphone at the end of the street. He is everywhere, He is omnipresent, He knows all the languages, all the customs, all the cultures. My God isn't in a stained glass window and He isn't trapped inside a crucifix. My God is in life, He is in people, He is in dreams, talents and He's in my heart. That's why I love Him.

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