A Delightful Parcel

What lovely weather we are having! Isn't funny how, as soon as the temperature peeps over 20 degrees, the British whip out their shortest shorts and smallest tops, plonk themselves on a roof or a patch of grass and lie there until they roast. I have to admit I was one of those people, though I failed to roast and failed tan, but rather stayed exactly the same colour *sigh*. In terms of recreational possibilities, the weekend was gorgeous, it terms of revising, it was horrendous. Staying inside drove me crazy, revising outside made me sweaty and the heat made me drowsy. WOOPAH. Thus I can safely say that thanks to the lovely Summer weather, I hit the mid-exam slump pretty hard. It didn't stop me trying to work though, and I believe that under the circumstances my productivity was commendable. Nevertheless, Monday found me burnt out, sipping on Lemsip and feeling very, VERY sorry for myself. That's when my housemate Shumi found THIS package on our doorstep.

It was from my parents and filled with lots of gluten-free revision goodies - perfect for the all-nighter I will probably be pulling on Thursday in order to finish my essay on time. It was so thoughtful and so colourful, like a piece of home sitting on my desk. I am so lucky to have such generous, supportive parents and I love them and miss them SO much. Anyway, I better get on with revising for the Italiano exam tomorrow - this will determine whether or not I can continue to study it, so please pray that I have peace about it! Oh, also, my friend pointed out that my comment-thingy only works if you have a google/blogger account, so I have changed it accordingly so that EVERYONE and ANYONE can comment on posts. YAY.

What sort of things get you through stressful times?

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