A pocket of rest.

This horrible week is over! 2 exams and an essay in the space of 3 days is a REAL killer. I was in the library at 5am this morning finishing things up and didn't manage to hand it in until 10:30 due to various technical difficulties, including my computer losing ALL of my work for five minutes. WAHHH. I only have one more exam to go and it's not until next week so I'm forcing myself to take today and tomorrow off. It's actually ridiculous, but this is the first proper day off I've had in nearly a month and I was so determined to get better at this whole rest thing. NEVERMIND. I'm excited because two of my favourite people will be in Bristol tonight and then its the jubilee weekend and there's time to watch Gilmore Girls in ENGLISH and dance around my room to the Juno soundtrack. WOOP. I'm also really into Quinoa at the moment, its a really tasty gluten-free cous-cous alternative. I really love it especially with peas, spinach and a drizzle of olive oil -YUM. I know my Dad will laugh so hard when he reads this post and sees that I've bought a book on Native American Legends - but it was only 2 quid and I'm actually really fascinated by them. So there. I think my degree has made me really culture-curious and I'm starting to realise that I can really learn about anything I want as long as I can find a good book about it - the world is my oyster! I remember in year 5 (or Grade 4) in Germany our class did a huge project on the Native Americans and my group had to study those from the South-West. I loved it and I've always wanted to study it in more depth AND HERE'S MY OPPORTUNITY. 

I also need to spend this weekend putting some fundraising ideas into action, finding an apartment in Germany and contacting potential job-people in Italy. Life is so busy, but so exciting don't ya think!?

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