WE MADE IT: How We Beat The Winter Blues

It's finally spring - hooray! The sun is shining and I'm sipping ice-cold water out of a curly straw so life is fabulous. Now that term is finished I've finally had the chance to flick through all the fun photos and reflect on all the busyness and fun. Word on the street is that January and February are the most depressing months of the year, but by the look of my iphoto I had SO much fun and hardly spent a penny. Here's the evidence:

1) We went to Ikea...a lot.
We played in the duvet/pillow roundabouts Photo 05-03-2012 21 07 41
We Tried to find a cactus that didn't look like a willy (it took sometime!)
Look how pretty it is!
Photo 05-03-2012 21 07 40 (1)
I turned my flake into a foustache (faux moustache) can I just add that this ice-cream cost 60p. BARGAIN!
Photo 05-03-2012 21 07 39
Louis ate two 50p hotdogs at once cos he's a lad.
Photo 05-03-2012 21 07 38 (2)

2) We ate cheap, fun food. We made a lot of popcorn (from scratch with oil and kernels, so it was cheap AND healthy) but I haven't got a picture of popcorn.

We ate raw jelly! Nom.
Photo 05-03-2012 21 07 37 (1)

3. We went to the pub and drank a lot of lime and soda.

Louis wore my glasses and tried to be a trendy church leader...remind you of anyone?
Photo 10-02-2012 15 50 31

4. We found a lot of free stuff up for grabs on the streets of Clifton. I found an unwanted shelf...

Louis found two persian carpets. Casual.
Photo 15-03-2012 20 42 29
5. We went to Pizza Provencale in Clifton and shared a gluten-free pizza and pretended to read an Italian sport magazine. CIAO BELLA!
Photo 09-03-2012 19 38 39
6. We directed and produced a play called The Vigil. We got new friends, new skillz and exciting new dreams!
Photo 25-01-2012 17 09 02
7. We used our voucher from the wonderful Gemma Chance to go tea-tasting at this awesome place called ATTIC. Louis was convinced that they all tasted like English Breakfast Tea, but I can assure you they all had their own individual flavours. Oh, and we got cake too!
Photo 16-03-2012 16 12 28Photo 16-03-2012 15 42 05
8. We rocked up to a party with cups of tea, hung out with COOLEST people in town and got attacked by the Paparazzi. Thanks to Jamie Corbin for such an awesome pic!
9. As soon as the sun came out we donned our sunglasses and had a homemade picnic of rice, Earl Grey Tea and cream eggs. YAY!
Photo 26-03-2012 19 01 23Photo 26-03-2012 19 58 25

I honestly feel so blessed I might explode. Thank you to everyone who treated us and made this term so incredibly fun.

What are you favourite memories of this term!?

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  1. I'm also very happy that spring is now here - even if the weather forecast said, that there will be snow next weekend in munich (buhuuu, easter in snow..).. what makes me survive winter? a lot of reading, cooking with friends, a lot of chocolate and tea and the few moments when the sun is shining!

    xxx Anita