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Candy Stick 1
So after a week of late-night ASS* sessions, horrible deadlines, German phone-interviews, curlers, vocal warm-ups, show-buzz, bobby-pins and sweeties I'm ready to dive headfirst into the bloggersphere! Bristol has been so lush recently and I've got SO many pretty flower-photos to share, but first let's focus on the subject at hand: sweets. I love sweets, I like them chewy, I like them gummy, I like them sweet, I like them sour, I like them in big packets, small packets, cups, bags YOU NAME it, I LOVE it. I'm especially fond of penny sweets, because it reminds me of going to the newsagents with my 50p pocket money and filling up that little white paper bag full of white-chocolate mice, cola bottles and flying saucers. Nom, nom, nom nostalgia....
Candy Sticks 2
ANYWAY, imagine my delight when I discovered the Clifton sweetshop in the Arcade - it's a sweetie heaven for sure! They have everything from vintage humbugs, to blackjacks, to gobstoppers, to fudge, to CANDYSTICKS. I'd forgotten how much I love Candy Sticks until a few weeks ago. It turns out that Louis are both very enthusiastic about these little white cylinders, not only do they taste incredible but they make you look SO cool, so we bought them in bulk, especially the ones with Spiderman on the front, because we love Spiderman LOTS. Hehehe. Why would you want to smoke a cigarette, polluting the environment, endangering everyone else around you, stinkin' to the high heavens and decreasing your life expectancy, when you could walk all carefree and non-chalent, down the street, swinging your arms, with a sweet-tasting Candy Stick hangin' from your lips!? I think if everyone bought and used Candy Sticks the world would be a simpler, sweeter place. Do you agree!?
Candy Sticks 3Candy Sticks 4
Soph and I demonstrating the simple life.

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