Je Vais Allé En Paris*

On one of our many Thursday afternoon adventures, my friend Annie and I found a soft black beret for £1 in Topshop. I remember Annie insisting that I bought it, after all, she said, you're going to be a languages student and (apparently) all language students have berets. We got thinking about other places I could wear the beret, and that's when the subject of Paris first came up. Both of our families have houses in France, but despite spending almost every summer in shutter-clad french villages and despite driving around Paris, we realised that we hadn't actually spent time IN Paris. I, personally, have been to Disneyland Paris and even spent a week working in a restaurant JUST outside Paris (we even got the train to Gard du Nord and ran out like a crazy thing on to the streets of Paris for like 3 minutes of Parisian bliss!) but I have never BEEN to Paris. I've never seen the Eiffel Tower or strolled through it's streets or drunk its coffee. We both tried to find ways to get ourselves to Paris at the same time, after our respective French countryside holidays, but unfortunately a) we were too disorganised and poor and b) she died before the holiday started, which ruled out any spontaneity. I haven't had the heart to actively pursue a trip, until now, because it made me too sad.

BUT TODAY is the DAY. My friend Laura and I just decided to DO IT. We booked tickets on a whim, found a cheap ETAP hotel and will be off to PARRIIISSSS at 4 o' clock this afternoon to peruse the Christmas Markets, admire the view from the Eiffel Tower and have many a luxurious chocolat chaud pit-stop. I can't wait to spend 3 days with one of my best friends walking around one of the most MUST-SEE cities in the world. Please pray that our grief brings us joy rather than sadness, pray that we grow through what we share with each other and also, please pray for our safety, because I'm as scatty as anything!

Here are my packing essentials:
IMG_8616 I'm just going to assume that the French in the title is wrong. Apologies.


  1. I think that is very courageous of you to go on the trip, both in terms of all the booking stuff and of what it reminds you of. I hope you have a great time and are able to honor your friend's memory in a beautiful way. xoxo!

  2. As long as you've got your Egmont, nothing bad can happen!

  3. What a sad story. I hope you really soak up Paris and celebrate, rather than mourn your friend. <3 I was just there in October and it is such a magical, beautiful place filled with delectable food, drink, sights, sounds, and macarons. Enjoy! (Also, I’m super envious of your countryside holiday)…

  4. ooh, where did you get the satchel...exactly the sort ive been looking for!