What The Season Brings: The First Gingerbread Latte


So this post should have been posted on the day that Starbucks released their magical red Christmas cups full of festive cheer, but I forgot. I'll have you know that on that day, I went to Starbucks twice, once with the lovely Kirsty for a latte and then again in the afternoon to sample the Christmas menu with my boyfriend. He ordered us an eggnog latte. It was gross, like egg covered in nutmeg and then shoved in a mug of coffee. So, my customary Gingerbread latte of the season had to wait for another occasion.


Thankfully, I have a wonderful new Austrian friend called Theresa who is just as enthusiastic about coffee as I am. So on Saturday morning we met in the Christmas clad Starbucks to sample the taste of the season, exchange vocab, talk German, talk English and talk holidays. It was great. It was so exciting to watch Theresa taste a Gingerbread latte for the first time! We decided the combination of ginger and coffee works because they're both bitter, but it was still too sweet for me. I don't think it'll be a regular purchase!


What are your pre-Advent traditions?

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