Berlin: Breakfast

Berlin is a breakfast city. Unfortunately I wasn't there over the weekend so had to forgo the infamously reasonable sunday brunch experience. Nevertheless, Lotte and I spent a rather delicious morning in Kreuzberg, popping in and out of bookshops, dancing over the shadows on the pavement, taking photos in one of the €2 Fotoautomaten and finally ending up at Gipfeltreffen just across from Gorlitzer Bahnhof.  The cafe has a really open and light interior, with loads of little kooky details. It's one of those places that caters to the need for space and solitude but could also provide an equally wonderful space for friends to meet up. The menu was pretty broad, I ordered yogurt with fruit because it felt too hot to order anything else. It was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented. Next time I'm in Berlin, I'd like to return here to check out their evening menu and OF COURSE their coffee. 

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