Berlin: The Apartment

At the start of August I hopped spontaneously onto a plane for quick mini-break to Berlin. One of the reasons was to visit my friends Babsi and Lotte, two of the 'cheese-fondue girls' who had both returned to the city for the Summer. The other reason was to see Babsi's new Kreuzberg apartment, which was everything a dreamy Berliner could wish for. It became the centrepiece of the trip. The morning coffees, the midday peace in the rocking chair by the window, the afternoon pause to read Die Zeit, the evening dinner parties with homemade Hugos, the nighttime scampering across the wooden floorboards and the bathroom that plays Kulturradio as soon as you flick the light switch, felt like a secret world hidden amongst the leaves of the courtyard. It's rare that you find such peace in the middle of the city. I like homes that feel like art without being fragile. I want to create a space like that for myself and for all those whose lives swirl around me. 

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