I thought moving back to Bristol would be the easiest thing in the world, that I would just slip back into the rigour and the fun. Alas, it has not been such a walk in the park. The city has changed and so have I. We've been trying to adjust, taking things slow, noticing moments rather than orchestrating them. These snaps are quite homey, but that's how my life has been spent lately.
1) The first thing I do in a new room is make the bed. It's an instant comforter. 
This one is a particular favourite of mine. 
2) I'm a massive fan of mood-lighting - it makes me feel at home.
That and tea obviously.
3) I'm in an amazing place at the moment, because I am finally able to pursue my dreams and am thoroughly enjoying all the reading required.
4) There's something so wholesome about a wispa bar. It reminds me of days gone by, sitting in the English department at school, writing essays on Jane Eyre and drinking cups of tea with friends.
5) Some things about Bristol never change. Hot-air balloons on a Sunday morning being one of them.
6) The chalk-board up in our kitchen. The house and my zany housemates have been two of the greatest comforts that final year could bring. I feel so incredibly blessed by them. 


  1. Your blog makes me want to go home, make a cup of tea, wrap up, get a book and never leave. I wish I could use this inspiration when I actually get home ;)

  2. I love that first frame! so cozy. it's always a bit hard to go 'home' again, with so much history already between the two of you. give yourself space and time to adjust, to look at things new. you'll settle back in in no time. xo!