I'm back (sort-of)

It's been a while folks. The break was partly intentional, mainly unintentional but alas  I think I'm ready to start back up again. I've been reading a lot of posts about people wanting a 'fresh-start' and a 'new-look' to their blogs and I kinda feel like I'm joining them. Things shouldn't be too different around here though. Obviously I'm not travelling anymore and I won't be able to write as frequently because final year has commenced in all its stressful, late-night, early-morning, I-need-more-hours glory. Nevertheless, this place will hopefully remain a creative outlet as well as a choice to focus on the positive. The last couple of weeks have been overwhelmingly full and disorientating - I genuinely can't comprehend the fact that my year abroad is over, it feels like a dream! I feel as though I've lost a little bit of joy, because I'm focussing on all these huge mountains I have to climb rather than noticing all the beautiful little things along the path. So it's time to get back to that, as well as sharing some of my favourite coffee-houses and sporadic film-photography moments with you. Hope you like the new look and I'll be back soon!


  1. Love the new look Ellie. Good look with final year, and I shall endeavour to make the most of my year abroad and notice all the beautiful things along the way. X

  2. i've missed your posts! :)