Travel on Film

My final set of year abroad film photographs arrived. Unfortunately I still had the aperture on the wrong setting for most of these snaps, but I've learned to love the grainy look. ENJOY before I get nostalgic and weep into my keyboard. 
Sipping a morning Coffee at The Broken Arm on our first day in Paris. 
Moody shots of a melancholy yet romantic city.
Fresh apricots, rolling hills, mediterranean shutters and the breathtaking South of France sunsets.
Stranded in Strasbourg for 18 hours: coffee and exploring in solitude. 
Frolicking through the German vineyards, eating ice cream in Bretton and those long lazy conversations with Franzi.

The final days in Berlin: Cocktails in Neuk├Âlln, hugs at church and Polish Vodka and Minoltas in the apartment. 


  1. You are the Michelangelo of coffee shots. how on earth do you do that? Convey an atmosphere just by taking a photo f a cup? Girl's got game.

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! It means so much! And these photos are seriously beautiful. xo