Adventures with the Cheese-Fondue Girls

About a week or so after my arrival in Berlin, my classmate Connie invited me to her old WG for a Cheese Fondue evening. She was excited for me to meet her friends and I was lonely, so it was a rather fitting arrangement. I remember it was a Thursday evening, warm and fragrant, as we piled into the tiny kitchen drinking wine and hot tea to prepare our stomachs for the oozing, richness of the Swiss fondue. We all seemed to click instantly and wedge ourselves into conversations and future plans with ease and excitement. After a month of aching loneliness, I felt energetic and awake again. Since that evening we have been to plays, contemporary dance shows, bars with tiny chairs, opening evenings at the Art School, had brunches, cinema trips and danced the night away in empty Warehouses and Ballrooms across the city. They have become known among my family and friends as the Cheese Fondue Girls, which probably isn't the best name for them, but alas the name has stuck and in some ways I've grown incredibly fond of it.  One thing I love about them is how intentional they are in their friendships. They are always on the look-out for fun things to do together and every single time I've met up with them, a beautiful new life experience has been formed. Like me, they are hungry for experiences, culture, knowledge and fun.  As this is my last week in Berlin, I thought I'd compile a few highlights as well as recommend a few cool places to hang out in the city.

Dancing at Klärchen's Ballhaus
Every Wednesday is a swing dance night. We stupidly skipped the beginner's class and went straight for the freestyle, twirling and skipping around. It was still a hoot and we were all inspired to actually learn how to do it properly.

Universität der Kunst Rundgang
One of the girls is studying Architecture at the UDK so we went along to what is essentially an open evening to check out her work and feel suitably arty. In typical Berlin fashion, a simple open evening turns into the hottest joint in town with all the varying departments transforming themselves into different types of bars and clubs.

I went to brunch twice with these girls. Once to Tassenkuchen where we had yummy gluten-free pancakes and once to Cafe Vux where we had a completely Vegan breakfast. Both were delicious and memorable.
Some Random Warehouse Party
The night I finished my essay I was so pumped that, instead of going straight to sleep, I hopped on a train to join Babsi, Conny and Lotte somewhere on the Spree where a spontaneous party had popped up out of nowhere. Think Lena Dunham meets Hipster meets Berlin and you'll kind of get the picture. I'm not usually the party type, but I had such a good time and managed to stay awake till dawn (my Bristol housemates would be proud!) 

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  1. Sounds awesome :) I'd love to meet them when I head out in a month! x