COFFEE DIARY: Ten Belles, Paris

Paris is quite renowned amongst my friendship group for having terrible coffee. There are coffee expectations, high coffee expectations when you find yourself in Paris. You want to sit down at a cafe and feel all artsy and sip a cup of Jo whilst writing in your Moleskine, but in reality you find yourself paying 3 euros for an over stewed, badly presented espresso in a cafe/bar full of tourists. After two wonderful trips to the city with multiple coffee disasters, I decided to do some research before heading off on the coffee prowl. The first one we went to, was the Broken Arm which is absolutely worth visiting, because it's cute and has a little boutique attached to it. But the real crowning-coffee glory of the trip was found by our pal Matt, who we met in our hostel. He took us to Ten Belles, a tiny little cafe just next to the canals. It's part of the Third Wave Coffee Movement, which basically means that the coffee is ethical and brewed using the latest filtering methods. We all decided to go for the €3 Filter Coffee and it was absolute perfection. The coffee was so smooth that you didn't really need to add milk! It tasted like pure indulgence and the cafe definitely somewhere you'd want to take your moleskine with you. Atmosphere and coffee quality combined this cafe is a real MUST for any coffee lovers! I also really, really wanted to take the mug home with me. 

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  1. Ten Belles is an amazing place indeed! Was there a couple of months ago and loved it!