Fairtrade Friday: Guestpost with Isai58

I am so flipping excited about today's post.  Karoline and Emma run an ethical clothing brand called Isai58 and they're here on the blog to tell you their story and to give you 25% off their clothes, plus free delivery! What a treat for the end of the week.

The Story Behind Isai58
After being awakened to how some of the poorest people have to pay the price, when we in the West demand cheap fast fashion. We decided to start buying from ethical brands who provided safe working conditions and sustainable wages for their workers.However it proved to be very difficult to find ethical clothes that suited our style. We thought that others must be feeling the same way and therefore decided to create a brand that had what we were looking for, classy and chic garments with high ethical standards.
We were adamant about building a brand that did not just tick the basic ethical boxes for the sake of an ethical label on their garments, but instead we wanted isai58 to have ethics at the heart of everything we do. We therefore decided to manufacture our garments with charities that have the same vision. By partnering with charities in Kenya and India that provide sustainable work for some of the world’s poorest people, this desire to help others became reality. And after years of networking and preparation we are now open, and are offering an opportunity for the ethical woman to look classy.
The more work charities get by brands such as isai58 the more people they can provide sustainable work for. So by buying our clothes you become a part of the solution that provides sustainable work for others.  And the good thing about sustainable work is that it provides an opportunity for people to break out of the poverty cycle and build a life for themselves. The aim is that they no longer have to depend on others for hand to mouth charity, as this expression so perfectly describes: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”.

We do not see the work we do as charity: “Providing good working conditions and sustainable wages for their work they do, is not charity, this is justice”

Thanks ladies! If you know of any other ethical clothing brands that would be interested in guest posting, please get in touch! In the meantime, why not click on the picture below and browse the Isai58 website - make use of this fabulous discount! Just type in the code: Ellie25

Happy Shopping!

25% & free del square

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