The Best Coffee in Berlin part 1

Arriving in a city like Berlin can be a bit daunting: everything is huge, there's too much to see and it takes you at least half an hour to figure out how to get anywhere. The key is to try and find places that can belong to you. Everyone needs that familiar, regular hang-spot to help them feel settled and grounded in their whirlwind of thoughts. I love finding that coffee shop: the one with the friendly baristas and the coffee that makes you go weak at the knees. I have to find a space where I can think, reflect, bring friends to, read in and write in. The problem is that Berlin is cafe city. There are so many incredible places to grab a to-go or sit and people watch. I didn't want to waste time, getting lost, drinking bad coffee and running the risk of never finding a cafe that 'fitted', so I decided to do some research. I went online and jotted down a few highly rated third-wave coffee movement places (this basically means that the coffee will be well crafted, cared for and beautifully presented - all my favourite things!) Then I went exploring. It was wonderful and I will definitely be doing a similar thing for any big cities that I visit in the future. I still have a few more to visit, but I think I've already found a favourite. 

Godshot, Prenzlauerberg: this was the first place I tried out. It was a rainy day in May and I was looking forward to snuggling up with a book and a delicious flat white. Every review I had read, had raved about the service and the quality of the coffee, so my expectations were high. The cafe itself is very unassuming and inviting, with simple furniture and lots of seating options. Whilst the staff were competent, they weren't especially friendly, still they seemed to know exactly what they were doing (unlike Costa in England!) I decided to go for the infamous flat white. The ratio or milk to coffee was perfection, however it was served in glass, which meant that it wasn't quite hot enough. Also, for a cafe that offers classes in latte art, the splodge on my beverage was particularly unimpressive. Perhaps, the good reviews have made them a bit complacent. Nevertheless, I felt very at home and will definitely return to try something different. 

No Fire No Glory Prenzlauerberg: this was another cafe that had rave reviews so once again, my expectations were sky-high. I loved the layout of the place, the colour scheme was very calming and there was a great choice of seating, from couches, to armchairs, to tables. It was also very peaceful and if the weather had been less drizzly I might have even decided to sit outside. The service was excellent, although again, not particularly friendly or enthusiastic (perhaps I expect to much...) and the flatwhite I had was one of the best I have ever tasted. The temperature was perfect, latte art was pretty and the taste was smooth and rich. However, it was a bit expensive and I remember feeling a bit pinched. I think I'll go back again, but the price has definitely put me off, when it comes to coffee I want quality AND quantity, if you know what I mean.

Bonzanza Coffee Heroes, Mitte: this was another rainy day venture, but it's one I will never, ever regret. As soon as I walked into this this tiny little cafe, I felt instantly at home. The set-up is very relaxed and simple, as they roast and ground their own coffee beans in store. I loved the simplicity of their branding and their choice of crockery, there aren't that many seating options but I soon settled myself. The tiny little counter is dwarfed by a huge coffee machine, over which peep the friendliest baristas I've met so far. Again, the Flatwhite wasn't cheap, but this time I really felt that I got value for money.  I have been back a few times and the Latte Art and quality of the coffee is incredibly consistent. That is always a great sign! With the recent change in the weather, I've been mainly sitting outside on the benches provided, which has been absolute perfection. The street that houses this little coffee marvel, is also very peaceful with lots of interesting architecture and fun second hand-shops just around the corner.  It's definitely one of my favourite places to go in the city, with friends or by myself with a book. 

Although I appear to have found my 'place', I'm still determined to keep searching, as there are so many cafes I have yet to check out. Will keep you all posted :-) until then, go have a Flat White on me!

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  1. i find it really hard sometimes not to just write "iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou" repeatedly in these comments but seriously this is so perfect: personal, useful, and Ellie. I can't WAIT to try out your recommendations, and to add to this list myself in a couple of months time :)