Life Lately

Life Lately March
1/ Productive, cosy, coffee -fuelled writing days in knits and socks.
I wrote an article for the Bristol Tab about ethical-fashion and blogging. Check it out here
2/ Lazy mornings with my Kindle and my Moleskine.
Life Latley March 2
3/ Cycling home from work I came across this amazing yogurt, milk and cheese vending machine. Made me like Italy a teeny bit more.
4) Standard converse-wearing days at the teatro. I really want to be a better intern.
Life Lately March 3
5/6 I found two great coffee shops and it felt like home.
Life Lately March 4
7/ When it's sunny, Parma really isn't too terrible. The other day it was so clear I could see all the way to the mountains.
8/ Been jogging and cycling around the park a lot recently. I think I finally understand why people find running so good for the soul.


  1. Can I just say that I find your life so exciting. You are living the dream that I was never able to and I'm (a bit) jealous haha. But I love looking at your adventures! I hope that things turn out better for you with your internship in the theatre. xoxo
    What is your instagram name? I want to follow you!

    1. Ah! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. You're right, life is pretty exciting right now, I need to remember that when things get hard. My instagram name is elliespeaks. Hopefully see you on there! x