Sick Days

Hopefully by the time you read this I'll no longer be having a sick-day. 
I find that the first day of being sick requires full rest, lots of sleep, lots of fluids, perhaps a bit of TV, almost always a film and definitely CHILLI.

The second or third days are difficult because I'm not very good at being ill. I always feel guilty about being so unproductive. On these days I usually try to do some reading towards my degree or learn some vocab or at least watch films in a different language. It's the only way I can justify staying at home. 

. kindle
. magazine
. something hot and spicy like chilli or soup
. orange juice
. hot water and lemon
. tea, tea, tea
. easy to watch film
. radio
. joggers
. baggy, charity-shop jumpers
. 5-10 minute walk outside

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