The Coincidence of Friendship

Franzi and I trying to get a picture of our heads. 

The coincidence of friendship depends on the consequences of our free will. If I hadn't gone to Düsseldorf, Germany or Florence, Italy, I wouldn't have met this person or that person. I might have met a completely different set of individuals but I didn't because I chose to come here, I chose to work at that theatre, to sit in that coffee shop, to join that church. All these choices openend up doors to completely contrasting, yet ultimately beautiful relationships  One of the things I have loved about moving out of my comfort zone, is that I have always found someone in the same position as me to have fellowship with along the way. God provides family for us wherever we go, it's just up to us to make the decision to get involved and find them.

I'm realising how meeting more and more people has shaped and challenged me. Every new friend brings a different perspective, a different box of interests and an individual heart. I don't want to ever stop meeting new people, because I guess friendships aren't really coincidences, but rather guides and rocks for particular seasons of your life. Some friends are supposed to walk with you day in day out, others walk with you for a term or a year, sometimes just a day. This doesn't mean that you'll forget them or that you'll never see each other again, or even that the friendship is somehow less valuable. Some of the best friendships I have are with people who, after months sometimes years of no contact, our circumstances allow us to meet and we just pick up where we left off. 

I cherish every single person who has become my friend and I look forward to all the wonderful friendships that await me. 

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  1. Beautiful words and a fantastic graphical change to the blog. I HOPE that Florence is Bellissimo.