Thankful For Love

Yup, that's my pal right there, sitting cross-legged on his bum in the middle of Paris.

I'm not usually one for romantic, soppy, Valentine's Day posts but distance has made my heart grow not only fonder but also more thankful and thankfulness is not something I am willing to take lightly.I am realising more and more how rare and wonderful it is to find a partner in life, to find the teammate who will push you into your dreams and release you into your full potential. I know that I'm young and that things could change drastically over the next year or so, but I'm not promising anything, I am just saying that I am so unbelievably grateful for what I have right now, in this moment, on this day in February. I am grateful for his support, for his craziness, his spontaneity and his indefatigable kindness. He is the most good-natured, kind-hearted, high-spirited person I have ever met. 

Me and Lou Jamie Corbin

Now I don't know what it means to be IN love, I just know that I love this man and I can't quite believe that I get to hold his hand and send him packages full of German Dumplings and silly postcards. I was so happy being single until I met him, until I realised that the bigger challenge for ME PERSONALLY would be to journey together with someone. I am naturally very independent and this relationship has yanked me away from my own selfishness on many different occasions. It scares me more than anything, but I always say that some of the best things in life involve taking risks and feeling a little bit afraid. I know that this day is hard for so many people, which is why I want to take the time now to be thankful, to recognise that what I have is unique, special and not to be taken for granted. 

I'm not big on romance, but I am big on love and I intend to share the love big time, not just today, but everyday. I'm so glad that love is not confined to romance or defined by Hollywood. Love is a soul craving that can be satisfied in a circle of friends or in the embrace of a family or in the honesty of faith. Today I am celebrating love with my newly-made, freshly-florenced ladies and I'm secretly glad that my guy is miles and miles away. What I have with him doesn't seem to fit with the mould of Valentine's Day gifts and dates and I think the girls are more likely to want to eat chocolate and watch sappy films. So take time today to think about how you can share the love, beyond the Valentine's sentiments and beyond the boundaries of romance because LOVE is a many splendid thing. 


  1. This is lovely Ellie. Louis is pretty great!!

  2. What a lovely post, it really describes love so well. There's a fine line between romance and love and I think it's sad that there has to be a day that is specific to love. If you love someone you should tell them every day not just on the 14th!
    Nina from little nomad

  3. "I'm not big on romance, but I am big on love " so true

  4. I almost wept reading this (tears of happiness and laughter...mostly laughter)... I love you two xxx