Library Problems

written on Tuesday

I now own two library cards, for two separate libraries in a city that I am only living in for another three weeks. Furthermore, it has taken me about 3 hours to obtain these cards due to the Italian lunchbreak (also knowns as ' I don't feel like working today/now/next week so ciao!') and the much anticipated bureaucracy. A photocopy of my passport now sits on approximately four different computer systems and I have signed a total of six different forms. 

One of these libraries has a cute children's section and is frequented by a diverse social demographic meaning that your research might have to be put on hold for someone's game of virtual reality and your study-place might be taken up by an over-enthusiastic teenager reading manga, or more likely an old lady who fell asleep reading the newspaper. The other is one of those huge academic ordeals, where the books seem to be nowhere in sight, the desk lamps looks like they belong in a courtroom and you can't enter the reading room without handing them your passport and locking up your bag. I am currently sat in the latter after a failed attempt at finding a place in the former. It was a bit traumatic, but I stopped off along the way for a cappuccino and the barista made a face in my milk-foam. It's the little things. Unfortunately my phone had died so I couldn't take a picture of this smiley masterpiece. Instead you'll have to imagine my surprise and delight at this little gesture and consider how things are sometimes much more enjoyable when the pressure to document no longer exists.