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A couple of months ago I won a Giveaway on Selective Potential for a $50 Modcloth giftcard. I was so excited, because I have always loved Modcloth clothes but could never justify spending that kinda money on one item of clothing. After hours and hours of browsing, calling my Mum and emailing photographs to friends, I finally decided on this Behold Attention Dress. I love anything in navy and I love simple styles with a subtle twist, so this really was the perfect choice. It is a bit big on the shoulders and the bow doesn't always stay in place, but it's delightfully swishy and makes me feel like Madeleine, so I'm happy. I wore it on Valentine's Day as we ascended the Palazzo Michelangelo to watch the sunset, after spending the entire day lazily running errands, eating ice-cream for lunch and enjoying the gorgeous February sunshine. The view from the Palazzo is spectacular and the sunset was breathtaking. It was pretty perfect!

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