Life Lately

The last two and a half weeks have been utter bliss. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my life-lately. Here's a photo diary, according to instagram.

Christmas 2013 1
1. Had one last cappuccino in Piu with Franzi before heading to the airport, arrived home in Bracknell to mince pies and a proper cup of tea, the next day I had coffee with my parents at Santa Fe (best coffee in the world) to chat about life and future. 
2. Hurried to London to meet Louis and watch Uncle Vanya (which was incredible), went back to Chorleywood for a lovely weekend with his fam, which included collecting festive foliage. Had my one and only Gingerbread latte of the season.
3. Got ill on Christmas eve so mooched by the Christmas tree and watched films, in the evening we put on all the candles and John Rutter's christmas album and Dad and I fell asleep, the next day was Christmas and Louis popped in with this hand-made gift.
Christmas 2012 part 2
4. Siblings day out with my not-so-baby bro, including Covent Garden, dinner in Zizzis and SINGING IN THE RAIN.
5. Got a megabus to Bristol (front of the double decker - COME ON!) watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, marvelled at the large Christmas tree and drank a LOT of tea.
6. Got dressed up for Dinner Party New Year's Eve, spent the early hours snuggled on a sofa watching Notting Hill, a couple of days later Louis visited me in Bracknell and we just hung out in Santa Fe (did I mention they have great coffee?)
Christmas 2013 part 3
7. Got a bit run-down so decided to stay a bit longer, bro serenaded me whilst eating lunch. Got a bit down with the weather so hopped on a train to London to meet some lovely pals then caught up with my cousin overnight, then met another pal for coffee in the morning.
8. Penultimate evening spent with my parents drinking Whiskey (grim) reading Isherwood and eating cake. Started reading Acts again.
9. On my last day in Bracknell, I continued reading the Berlin novels, met a bro for coffee, hung out with my rents, then woke up early to Heathrow, Oh Comely and a flat white, then suddenly arrived back at my front door in Düsseldorf.

And now England just feels like a dream.


  1. It was a wonderful dream, I cant' wait to have you back.

  2. cute snapshots!

    xo Jennifer