Flurries of Snow

This evening after finishing work, I was walking to the tramstop when a snow flurry fell on my nose, then another and another and another until my face was being continuously nipped by flecks of icy rain. I looked up at the sky and watched as tiny little balls of white floated in the air and surfed on the wind. It was like they were dancing, like the air was in slow motion whilst the ground below continued on full speed.

Snow Flurries

The snowfall last Friday gave me so much joy. Everything, even Düsseldorf looks pretty when it's covered in white. It was so soft as well, like powdered sugar sprinkled on a yummy waffle and the Christmas Markets looked magical! I was lucky enough to venture out of the city on business and so got to enjoy a lovely snowy walk through the woods. 

All I can say, is that buying those thermal leggings on Thursday evening was possibly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Ladies, invest. 

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