A Sunday Splurge (on a Monday morning)

I promise you, that this was written yesterday.

Today I feel so joyful, almost overwhelmingly so. It's like everything that I can see and touch and smell and hear is covered with sparkly fairylights. I'm feeling very alive and very happy in Germany at the moment. The past week seized me by the collar and flung me through the days without letting my feet touch the ground, but I had so much fun and I swear Christmas makes busyness even more beautiful, especially in Germany. Everyday my journey to work has been filled with crisp snow-grey air, dozens of wooden huts, flashes of red, gold and green and the sweet aroma of glühwein and roasted almonds. How can anybody be in a bad mood when the introduction to the day is so sweet and joyous?

And so, without further ado, my favourite moments of the week

. Glühwein with Katja
. Watching the theatre-youth-group production, 'Being Ullysses'
. Sitting outside Woyton, chatting with a stranger about my writing and him saying 'bleib so freundlich' (stay so friendly) as he left. I feel it was message for life.
. Weekend Festival in Köln, bopping to Chain and the Gang and Die Goldenen Zitronen

Listening To:
Shane and Shane - Glory in the highest
She & Him - Have yourself a merry little Christmas
In Die Weihnachtsbäckerei - Die Sternenkinder
Happy Holiday - Bing Crosby

Inspired By:
. My Advent bible reading plan
. On the Road - Jack Kerouac
. Jason Robert Brown - The Last 5 Years
. The community at Mosaik Church

Currently Drinking:
. Standard latte from Woyton with beautiful latte art, courtesy of Davide my barista friend.

Currently Reading:
. In Zeiten des Abnehmenden Lichts - Eugen Ruge

Overall Mood:

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  1. I've very jealous of your Christmas time in Germany I miss it a lot when I'm in Wales. The Christmas markets here just aren't the same!
    Nina from little nomad