A Monday Splurge

Can you believe that I'm only three days away from finishing my internship at the theatre!? 

collage A Monday Morning Splurge

Favourite Moments:
. Spending evenings inside, wrapped up in blankets reading my book.
. General Franziska and Ellie times.
. Sleepover with Sarah.
. Skyping ma girl Christina.
. Lending a hand with the Mosaik Info evening: rebuilding playmobile nativity sets, chatting, eating, making salad and feeling like part of the family.
. Being the Christmas Cat in the Theatre Advent Story and having to sing Memory because Cat's is the only musical song they know. 
. Drinking Glühwein with Louis, Kate and our new friend Matt
. Louis' stage debut with Sender Freies Düsseldorf.

Listening To:
Waiting for the girls upstairs - Follies, Stephen Sondheim
Irgendwas fehlt - Ollie Schulz
Be Careful It's My Heart - Bing Crosby
I believe - Frank Sinatra
Holidays are coming - Coca Cola Commercial

Inspired by:
. German Christmas food.
. Sondheim.
. Christmas knitwear.
. People who are outrageously generous.
. This blog about workspaces. (I need to write an essay soon)

Currently Drinking:
. water with one of those fizzy vitamin tablets.

Currently Reading: 
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin and my Blogger Feed

Overall Mood:
So excited about going home for Christmas that it actually hurts.

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