Film, Film, Film, Film MAAAAAAAASTRICHT.

Ok I know you're probably all getting sick of my Maastricht weekend tales, but I just got my film photographs back from the photo shop and I just HAD to share them with you guys. I think they are probably the best photos I have taken with the Pentax and they truly capture what I saw with my eyes. So without further ado, here are some of my favourites.

 Taken on the steps, whilst eating chips and marvelling at the beauty of the city. 
 Exploring the city centre and having a well earned iced-tea at Selexzy Dominicanen, with my brand new second/hand film camera.
 I'm just high culture...hmm. In all seriousness this outfit was the comfiest thing in the world. Leggings, oversized jumper, boots and scarf. Perfetto. 
Selexyz Domincanen, a church turned bookshop that one the Lensvelt de Architect prize in 2007.
 I loved how they kept so many of the old features of the building and how you could still feel that it was a place of rest and reflection.
 The statue of Jan Pieter Minckeleers, a dutch scientist and inventor who discovered gas lighting. The flame he holds is eternal. Night and day that torch continues to burn. 
 I loved the early evening glow on this monument. This cafe photo is probably one of my favourite photos I have ever taken. We had  had such a lovely breakfast and the light streaming in through the windows was just delicious.
 All these colours and reflections are exactly what I see in my mind's eye.
 Cudos to the dutch girl who worked out how to use the camera.
  Our evening celebrations in Falstaff, captured by a very kind and very enthusiastic student. 

 Autumn arrived and an M for Maastricht.
 This photo kind of sums up the entire weeked: food, coffee, books, camera, lady-friends.


  1. These are THE BEST photo's you've taken! The film is too slick! No bumps at all. Amazing.

  2. I mean, I WANT to pick out a favourite photo but I kind of can't. Sorry dude. The second and thirds are pretty ace. Luv ya x