The Keen Enthusiast part 1

I really need to start reading the rubric of random opportunities. I'm like the kid who puts their hand up to volunteer before they know what they're volunteering for. Today I found myself being an extra for a short film that will form the background of a new stage production. I turned up at the rehearsal space and after an hour of waiting and eating paprika chips, was promptly told to run around the room to the point where I looked like I was about to pass out. I was wearing heels. I had no hair scrunchie. After galloping around the room like an oaf to German house music (think of a short version of Miranda Hart and you've got the image just right) I was called over to the director and sprayed in the face with water, (because apparently I didn't look sweaty enough) and taken into a small black side room. Here a man stood waiting (this sounds like all kinds of wrong) with an overly large Nixon and asked me to stand against the black-backdrop and look into the camera lens for about five minutes. It was all very strange - who knows what they're going to do with my sweaty, running face! Nevertheless, it's certainly something to tell the grandchildren about.

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