Things I'm Thankful For

1. After reading Jules blog about finding a place to live in Paris I can't help but be thankful for my apartment and my housemates.
2. Apple Tea in a tall glass.
3. Quinoa and Rice flakes being sooooo cheap.
4. My job - every day brings a new challenge and a new bout of fun.
5. The opportunity to go to the theatre every night for free if I wanted to.
6. My Iphone and the way it enables me to communicate with friends, look up words and read my bible in German, English and Italian all in one tram ride.
7. Franziska for being my lunch buddy and gently correcting my linguistic mistakes.
8. Kate for making me feel at home.
9. Peter for being the kindest, most humble housemate known to man.
10. Apple and cinnamon scented candles.
11. Autumn for reminding me that no season lasts forever.
12. This song for being Autumnal and awesome.
13. The man in the Newspaper shop who kindly recommended a couple of magazines for me.
14. Being able to dance around the rehearsal space with my boss to "Hey Soul Sista" and it not feel weird.
15. The guys in Woyton for making the best coffee with the best latte-art.
16. Jessie for spending a whole day with me eating crap and catching up on years and years of news.
17. Everyone from home being so supportive and lovely.
18. Katie and Leila for correcting my Italian emails.
19. The ease of wearing all black with a splash of colour and feeling instantly ready to work in the theatre.
20. Carl Alm for humouring my interview questions and allowing me to talk about Shakespeare translations for a good 20 minutes. 
21. That bench by the Rhine where I sat and cried and prayed.
22. The sunset that soothed my soul.

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