Thrifted Skirt

I found this skirt in a charity shop for £3.40 and completely fell in love with it. I know I'm not supposed to be buying unnecessary clothes but just LOOK at it, it's so perfect. It was one of those thing that you try on and instantly feel like a million dollars in. The top is also from a charity shop, but I bought it with work clothes in mind. I'll do another post about finding smart, work clothes second hand because I have been EXTREMELY lucky. In other news I had to throw my beloved brogues away. They have been re-soled about 3 times now and they completely fell apart on our trip to Manchester last week *SOB* so if anyone knows of a good cheap place to buy brown leather brogues hit me up!


  1. Looking good. My charity shopiing has NOT been good. I think I'm looking in the wrong places. x

  2. nice, check out , its my new addiction, makes it easy to clear the wardrobe and fill it up again :)