The Final Disposables: King Louis á Paziols.

I finally got the last of my disposable camera photos back and there were some great shots of our time in Paziols staying with my grandparents. As I sit here in muggy, wet British summertime I can't help but think how glorious it must be in the hills right now. Everything will be in full swing: the vines will be tall and bountiful, the air will be warm and fragrant, the river will be bustling with les enfants jumping off rocks and riding bicycles over the bridge, the town square will hum with activity during the evening Petanque social. Our friends are staying at my grandparents' house at the moment and I'm beyond jealous. If only...

I love these photographs so much, particularly as they came from a bog-standard boots disposable camera. My favourite is the one of Louis next to the castle, it feels very appropriate seeing as most of the significant french kings were called Louis. In the last one you can just see the castle in the distance. I couldn't get over how stumpy the vines were at that time of year, I've only ever seen them just about to explode from all the grapes! Anyway, I'm preparing for two weeks away rehearsing for a show in London, so if anyone knows anything about guest posting and how it works please let me know!

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